Management & Event Services

At your direction, we are ready to handle dinners, receptions, lectures, cultural tours, international travel programs, musical events, exhibitions, performances, meetings, weddings, and other private occasions. ForwardMiller assists in creating a vision for your event and manages the actual hands-on details of staging it. We are here to help you explore the possibilities.

Whether strengthening and extending an organizational brand or capturing an individual's style for a small affair, you can rely on us to handle all aspects of the planning and production of your event. We customarily handle everything from counseling clients on possible venues to arranging the invitations, caterers, lighting, decor, programming, music, and press. Whether managing all the arrangements or only taking the RSVPs, our mission is to provide you with detailed support to meet all of your expectations.

At ForwardMiller, we tailor our services to the needs of the client. For non-profit organizations, this means helping to meet financial goals while insuring that donors feel recognized and cared for. For corporate clients, our focus is often more directed toward public relations and brand initiatives.

Celebratory milestones or periods of significant increases in program activities can often stretch a staff to the limits. ForwardMiller has worked successfully in the past to help augment a team to provide continuity in a program cycle. Transition times for organizations can also be difficult moments, whether during an employee absence or leave, or while the search is on for a new team member - ForwardMiller can provide much needed assistance during that transition time.

We work in collaboration with event specialists in many locations from Boston to Newport to New York City, New York's Hudson Valley and the Washington, D.C. area, allowing ForwardMiller to offer information, contacts, and services that are varied in scope and location.
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